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Euphremie Godin (1868-1953) worked until she was 81 years old!

Marie Euphremie Godin is my Great Great Great Aunt on my Dad's side of the family. She was born in Caraquet, New Brunswick on October 12, 1868. Euphremie was the 9th and last child of Joseph Godin and Tharsile Hache. She would have had many hands taking care of her; her closest sibling was 9 years older than her!

Euphremie attended school and learned to read,write and speak English and French. She would have been in school during the 1875 Caraquet riots; a clash over the Common Schools Act elimination of religious education in New Brunswick. That must have been a scary time for her as it happened right in her community, in fact only 18 houses away!

When Euphremie was in her 20's (1891to 1901) she (and her mother & father) lived with her sister, Mathilde, and her family. Sometime between 1901 and 1911 she  began living and working as a servant at the college Sacre-Coeur de Caraquet, located across from the parish church, St-Pierre-aux-liens, in the Village of Caraquet, N.B.

Bâtiment central construit par Mgr Théophile Allard entre 1894-1898, qui abritait les premiers éléments du Collège du Sacré-Cœur de Caraquet. C'était “la bâtisse du curé” comme on le disait dans le temps. Il se situait au sud de la route principale,...
collège Sacré-Coeur de Caraquet
Image obtained April 28, 2018 from

She probably worked there until it was destroyed by fire  December 30-31, 1915 (rebuilt in Bathurst). Hopefully she was visiting with family for the holidays and not in the building during the fire.

After the fire, she began working as a housemaid for the parish. She continued to work as a housekeeper and cook for the parish until she was 81 years old. Her last years were most likely spent in the care of her great niece Julie (Mathilde's granddaughter). She suffered from chronic bronchitis and died of bronchial pneumonia on October 13, 1953 one day after her 85th birthday.

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52 Ancestors: Elizabeth Legace (1861-1940)

Elizabeth Legace is my 2nd great aunt (on my Mom's side).

Elizabeth Legacy funeral card photo
Elizabeth Legacy funeral card photo
obtained from Ancestry member Campbdr1
Elizabeth was born Sept 1, 1867 in Bathurst, New Brunswick; two months to the day that New Brunswick became part of the Dominion of Canada. She is the third daughter and last child of Isaac Legace and Thersile Daigle. Although she lost her mother before she was 3 years old she still had plenty of siblings to grow up with as her father remarried and had an additional eight children.

Elizabeth was 5'2" with a medium complexion, brown hair and eyes. She was able to speak French and English but never learned to read or write. Her inability to read or write did not stop her from venturing to Moncton, New Brunswick for a job as a domestic servant sometime between the ages of 12 and 19. She is recorded as being a domestic servant on the April 1891 Canadian census for New Brunswick, working for a Scotish General Freight Agent; this will be the last time she will be recorded as single. In a little over a month, on May 18, 1891, she will marry Jacques Leblanc at St. Bernard parish in Moncton, New Brunswick. Elizabeth will settle into Jacques farm home with his mother and sister Helen, in Fox Creek, Westmorland county, New Brunswick.

Elizabeth and Jacques would start their family right away with their first child born in November 1892; a son named Isaac, named after Elizabeth's father. Helen's help was probably greatly appreciated as they would continue to grow their family by 10 more; 6 daughters and 4 more sons; between 1884 and 1914. Jacques supported their growing family at first as a farmer then also as a plummer/pipefitter working in a factory.

Sometime between 1915 and 1921 Elizabeth's father came to live her family. It was during this time that the First World War was in full swing. Elizabeth's family was not left untouched by the war. Her oldest living son, Emanuel, was enlisted and fought overseas between 1916 -1919. The fall of 1919 was a happy time for Elizabeth's family, it brought 3 marriages to her family, two on the same day at different churches! This reduced the size of her family living at home to 10 (herself, Jacques, her father Isaac and 7 children). 1920 brought not only the arrival of the first of Elizabeth's many grandchildren it ended with the death of her husband Jacques on Christmas day. Just a short 14 months later, Feb. 1922, Elizabeth will mourn the death of her father.

In November 1923 Elizabeth, two daughters and a son travel to Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; following two other daughters who went before her in Jan 1923; to stay with her sons, Emanual who settled there in June 1921 and Arcade who settled there in Oct. 1922. Elizabeth is still living in Lynn in 1930 with three of her 11 children and possibly their spouses and some boarders.

Sometime between 1930 and 1935 Elizabeth returned to Fox Creek, Westmorland county, New Brunswick. At 68 years old she found herself in love again and married widower Camille Richard on the 20th of October 1935 at St. Anselme parish in Fox Creek. They resided on the Main road of Fox Creek for 14 years until her death on May 9, 1949 at 81 years old.

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52 Ancestors: Marie Christine Hache (1828 - 1901?)

This is my 40th entry! I'm back to my fathers side of my family tree, just in time for Father's Day.

Marie Christine Hache is my Great Great Grandmother on the Mazerolle side of the family.

Christine was born in Caraquet, New Brunswick on March 30, 1828 to Jean Hache and Sophie Legere. She was the second daughter to be born and either the 4th or 5th child out of five or six children (still working on confirming one brother). Christine, like all of her siblings, was baptised at St. Pierre Aux Liens parish in Caraquet. One of her godparents was Stanilas Legere, possibly her mothers brother, still to be confirmed.

On April 13, 1847, when Christine was 19 years old she married 28 year old Germain Mazerolle at St. Jean Baptiste and St. Joseph parish in Tracadie. William Thompson and Angele Hache were their witnesses. They were both living in Pokemouche at the time of their marriage. I wonder why they were married in Tracadie instead of Pokemouche or Caraquet, both of which would have been closer. Perhaps it was where the priest was at that time.

Christine and Germain started on their family right away with the birth of their 1st child arriving the very next year after they were married. They raised their family on a 40 acre farm (10 which was improved in 1861) in Inkerman. Their family continued to grow for the next 14 years with the addition of 9 more children  for a total of 5 boys and 5 girls. Their last child, a girl named Christine, was born in 1871.

Christine still had a house full of children (or could we say adults) in 1881 with 8 of her 10 children, ranging in age between 10-32, still at home. By 1891 Christine and Germain were the head of the household with only one son (Roman) and his wife living with them. Four of their five sons (I can not find any information on one son (Joseph) past 1881) raised their family next door. I am assuming that they were given a piece of the 40 acres that belonged to Germain and Christine. In 1901, Christine and Germain are still living with Roman and his wife, however, the head of the household is now listed as Roman and his wife.

When Christine was between 82 and 92 years old she died; I am assuming that she died as she can no longer be found on the 1911 census. I have not been able to find any records of her death, but I'm still searching. I wish I knew more about her other than it appears she was a hardworking farmer's wife who led a pretty stable life with family all around her.

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52 Ancestors: Tarsille Boudreau (about 1819 - 1902)

In honour of the upcoming family reunion of the descendants of Hilaire Pitre and Tarsille Boudreau July 29 - August 1, 2016 I am going to write about my Great Great Grand Mother Tarsille Boudreau.

Tarsille (Tharsille or Theresa) was the 8th of 11 children born to Thimothe Boudreau and Verande Doucet. She was born about 1819 ( I have been unable to find her baptism records). She likely was raised in Petit Rocher New Brunswick as the baptism records that I was able to find for her siblings born before and after her state they are from Petit Rocher.

When Tarsille was about 16 years old she married 17 1/2 year old Hilaire Pitre at St. Polycarpe parish in Petit Rocher September 1, 1835. Together they had 11 children; 6 girls and 5 boys. Their first child a girl, arrived two years after they were married and their last child was born when Tarsille was about 44 years old.

Tarsille died September 1, 1902 in Petit Rocher on her 67th wedding anniversary when she was about 83 years old. She must have been in ill health during her final years as her death certificate states the cause of her death was age and the duration of her illness was four years.

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52 Ancestors: Patrice Lebreton (1846-1928)

Patrice Lebreton is my Great Great Grandfather on my Dad's side of the family.

Patrice Lebreton, son of Jean Lebreton and Sara Young, was born March 6, 1846 and baptized two days later on March 8 at St. Jean Baptiste and St. Joseph parish in Tracadie, New Brunswick and died at Maltempec, New Brunswick on March 12, 1928. The godparents of Patrice were Julien Lebreton and his spouse Elisabeth (Young) Lebreton [probably brother and sister to Jean and Sara but still to be confirmed]. Patrice married Margaret Comeau, daughter of Marin Comeau and Charlotte Drisdelle, sometime between 1871-1873.

Patrice made his living as a farmer and lived in the areas of Inkerman all his life as supported by all census records from 1861 - 1921. Patrice had at least one brother (George) and two sisters (Margaret and Susan). Patrice must have been close to his family as his brother George named one of his sons Patrice (see Canadian census 1871) and both of his sisters lived with Patrice and his family at some point in their lives (see census 1891 and 1911).

Patrice and Margaret had nine children between 1873-1899 (five sons and four daughters). Patrice was able to speak both French and English, however he was never able to read and write. His sons lived next door or just a short distance from him. When he reached the age where he stopped running a farm on his own, he and Margaret lived with his son Nazaire (see 1921 census). Patrice died March 12, 1928 5 days after his 82 birthday and was buried March 24, 1928 in Upper Pokemouche, New Brunswick at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cemetery , Plot: St-Marc (See Find a Grave).

Children of Patrice and Margaret:

Marie Marguerite Lebreton
Marie Elisabeth Lebreton
David Lebreton
Francois Dassise Lebreton
Nazaire Lebreton
Mary Georgina Lebreton
Edmond Lebreton
Mary Helene Lebreton
Joseph Patrice Lebreton

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52 Ancestors: Tarsiel Arseneau (1822 - between 1891-1901)

Tarsiel (possibly Teresa) Arseneau is my Great Great Grandmother on my Mom's side of the family.

Tarsiel was the first born child of Isadore Arseneau and Victoire Duguay. She was born in Petit Rocher, New Brunswick on November 19, 1822. Tarsiel was baptised at Ste. Famille Parish in Bathurst on Dec 1, 1822.

Baptism record of Tarsiel Arseneau
Acadia Canada Vital and Church Records Drouin Collection Accessed October 22 2014 Via

Tarsiel'sfather was listed as a farmer at the time of her baptism. I assume that she would have been expected to help her mother with her younger siblings as she was the oldest of her ten siblings (one of only two girls). Her last three siblings were born after she was married and started a family of her own and were probably raised near Tarsiel and her family.

Eight days after Tarsiel turned 17 years old she married 25 year old William Christie on November 27, 1839 in Petit Rocher, New Brunswick with John Christie (William's brother?) and Isidore Arseneau (Tarsiel's brother or father?) as their witnesses.

Tarsiel and William had 12 children in their years together. Sometime between 1875 and 1881 Tarsiel became a widow. On the 1881 census at 60 years of age, she is listed as a farmer and the head of the household with five of her unmarried children living with her. It appears she had family support near by as one of her younger brothers was living just 2 families away. By 1891 Tarsiel was living with her son Alexander and his wife and children. Sometime between 1891 and 1901 Tarsiel died.

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52 Ancestors: Francois D'Assise (Dasi) Hebert (1841 - 1922)

Francois D'Assise Hebert is my Great Great Grandfather on my Dad's side of the family tree.

Francois D'Assise, or Dasi/Dazi as most records seem to refer to him as, was born May 18, 1841 in Shippagan, Gloucester county, New Brunswick to Benjamin Hebert and Colette Duguay. Dasi was the 8th child of Benjamin and the 2nd child for Colette. Dasi was baptised on September 1841 when he was 4 months old. He was the 13th of 21 children baptised that day at St. Jerome parish in Shippagan. The priest was only by every 6 months, his birth had just missed the last visit of the priest.

Dasi was raised on one of the largest farms (250 acres, 20 acres identified as improved with cows, oxen, sheep and swine) on the West Side of Shippagan with his 10 other siblings. In 1861 he was living at home on the farm with 6 of his siblings. He is unable to read or write so he probably never went to school. There is no occupation listed for Dasi on the 1861 census. With such a large farm it could be assumed that he worked on the farm, however with such a large fishing community he may have earned some money as a fisherman.

On August 6, 1864 when Dasi was 23 years old he married Marie Robert in Shippagan at St. Jerome Parish. Dasi and Marie must have met at church as I have been unable to find her family living near the Heberts anywhere on the 1861 census.

Cod fishing was booming in Gloucester county between 1875-1900 this is where over 70% of the cod caught in New Brunswick was landed with over 50% of that in the Shippagan/Caraquet area. Working as a fisherman must have paid well as I would have assumed that Dasi would have farmed part of his Father's land after he was married he however went on to become a fisherman. Between 1861 and 1871 Dasi went from being a farmer to earning a living as a fisherman. In 1871, he and Marie were living near Dasi's parents, only 3 households away. They were sharing a household with their 4 children and another couple (Charles and Olive Mallet). Charles Mallet was a hired fisherman as well as Dasi's three younger brothers. They lived next door to several Navigators, I wonder if this is how he was hired on as a fisherman.

Dasi is still earning a living as a fisherman in 1881 Shippagan. He and Marie now have 8 children at home, the youngest my Great Grandmother Beatrice Hebert. Dasi's siblings are still living near by almost all of them fishermen.

Dasi and Marie had 8 children living at home in 1891 ranging in ages from 22 to just under 2 years old (the last of their 12 children). By 1891, Dasi and 4 of his brothers (who live near by) are starting to transition back to farming as they are now earning a living as farmers and a fishermen. I wonder if the work was getting to hard for 40 year olds or did they start to sense the decline in fishing for the area.

Sometime around 1900 Dasi moved his family from Shippagan to Paquetville and fully transitioned to earning a living as a farmer. His children had started to marry and move out on their own as he only had 4 children living at home in 1901. Living next door were 2 sons and a brother. Between 1901 and 1906 Marie died and left Dasi as a widower. Dasi remarried Jan 22, 1906 to Adeline Drysdelle (also a widower).

Dasi was still farming at 70 years old in Paquetville. He and is new wife Adeline and her son were living with Dasi's son Joseph and his family (his wife and 3 children). Dasi was surrounded by family with 2 sons, a brother and nephews living next door.

At 80 years old in 1921 Dasi was no longer farming. He and Adeline were living in Paquetville with his son Joseph, his wife and their 7 children.

The winter of 1921/22 proved to be to much for Dasi. He died on Feb 3, 1922 at 80 years 9 months old. He is listed as dying of old age while living in Paquetville presumably with his son Joseph who submitted the notification of his death.