Saturday, 8 February 2014

52 Ancestors - Beatrice Hebert (1880-1914) Death from Consumption

This week I'm going to write about by Great-Grandmother Beatrice Hebert.

Beatrice Hebert was born approximately January 15, 1880 in Shippagan, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada.  At the time she was born her father made his living as a fisherman and she had 7 older siblings.  Her 3 oldest siblings were attending school.

In 1891, Beatrice's family was still living in Shippagan where her father now made his living as a farmer & fisherman.  I wonder if he knew his time as a fisherman was coming to an end?  At this time Beatrice was living with her parents and 7 siblings (2 older brothers, 2 older sisters, 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister).  She must have enjoyed school as she was the only one in her household who could read and write!

Sometime between 1891 and 1901 Beatrice's family moved from Shippagan to Paquetville (approximately 25 miles away).  Why did they move? Possibly because working as a fisherman was not profitable enough to support his large family.  The household that Beatrice lived in now consisted of 3 separate families. It must have been one large and/or crowded house.  Beatrice's older brother, Honore, was listed as the head of this household, not her father. Perhaps Beatrice's family moved in with her brother.  Honore's family consisted of his wife and 2 children. Beatrice's family consisted of her father, Dazi; her mother, Marie; and 3 younger siblings (2 brothers and a sister).  The third family living in the household was a border with his wife and infant son.  The entire household was French speaking only, with Beatrice and her sister-in-law being the only ones able to read and write.

Beatrice was married on August 26, 1901 in Paquetville to Jean A. Godin at St. Augustin Parish.  They both belonged to this parish and it is most likely where they met since they lived 65 dwellings apart, which would have been a considerable distance apart in 1901.

Beatrice and Jean lived beside Jean's family where they had 5 children (2 daughters and 3 sons).  Beatrice continued to be the only person in her household who could read and write (Jean signed his marriage certificate with an X).  Education must have continued to be important to her as she was ensuring her children were attending school as evidenced in the 1911 census where her oldest child, Marie Clementine (my grandmother), was listed as having attended school for 8 months in the last year and was able to read and write.

Beatrice's life with her family was ended January 3, 1914 after a 3 month illness of consumption (tuberculosis).  At the time of her death Beatrice was attended to by a physician which was quite unusual for this area and must have been difficult for them to afford.


  1. Merci Linda, oh how MOM would love this! <3

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  3. I am guessing this may be the great grand mother from whom I would have received my first name BĂ©atrice.

    1. Yes, that would be a good guess except that it would have been your Grandmother.