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52 Ancestors: William Christie (1814 - between 1875 - 1881)

I have slowed down on my weekly ancestor posts as I wanted to dig back a little deeper and post some information from earlier in the 1800's. It is taking me a little longer to find information from the early part of the 1800's.

I am on story 29 of my 52 Ancestors challenge. This week I am back to my Mom's side of the family, specifically the Christie's.

William (a.k.a. Guillaume) Christie, the father of Alexander Christie,  was born April 7, 1814 to William (Bill/Guillaume) Christie and Francoise Vienneau. He was baptized on the 9th of June 1814 at Ste. Famille Parish in Bathurst, New Brunswick. His god parents were Joseph Boudrault and Elizabeth LeJeune. These were most likely relatives as his grandmothers maiden name was LeJeune. William was one of one of many William Christie's in his family. He was named after his father and grandfather and he also named one of his sons William and many of his grandchildren have William as a middle name. This has presented some challenges in determining which William Christie records are referring to.

William lived in Petit Rocher with his parents and at least 2 older siblings and 3 younger siblings. It is in Petit Rocher where he must have met his wife Teresa (Tarsiel) Arseneau. William and Teresa were married in Petit Rocher November 27, 1839 with John Christie (William's brother?) and Isidore Arseneau (Teresa's brother?) as their witnesses.

William supported his family by farming. He and Teresa had 12 children between 1840 and 1866. They started raising their family in Petit Rocher but by 1861 they are listed as living in the northern section of the Parish of Bathurst. They may have moved their family when Teresa's father left them land after his death. Between January and March 1855 William paid 5 shillings to 6 children and co-heirs of Isadore Arseneau (Teresa's father) and in September 1856 paid 5 shillings to 3 additional sons and co-heirs of Isadore Arseneau in consideration of the will and desire of Isadore Arseneau.

This land consisted of  "...part of lot A adjoining the north parish line of Bathurst aforesaid and originally granted to the said Isadore Arseneau deceased under the name of Theodore Arseneau Viz. to commence at the north east point of the dividing line between said lot A and the lot owned or occupied by John Boyle thence following the said dividing line southerly and westerly to the rear of the grant then northerly along the said rear thirty rods thence to the shore parallel with the said division line thence following the courses of the shore to the place of beginning save and except the salt marsh in front of the same heretofore conveyed to the late Germain Landry which salt marsh is especially reserved and excepted out of this conveyance to contain fifty acres more or less together with all and singular the rights members privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining with there version and reversions remainder and remainders rents issues and profits thereof...."

There are several land records in the 1830's and 1850's that involve a William Christie that need some further review to determine if this is this William or his father.

On May 19th 1875 William filed his will with the land registry office. It states that he is from Peter's River Parish of Bathurst and is of feeble health but sound mind. He leaves everything to his wife until her death and then it is to fall to his son John who is to give specific items to his brothers Alex and William, maintain his brothers Charles and Francis until they are of age and give his sister Louisa sheep.

William died between the time his will was registered and the next census in 1881.

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