Saturday, 18 October 2014

52 Ancestors: Benjamin Hebert: 1798 - 1878

It's been awhile since I've written anything, I have lots of excuses some valid, some not. I'm going to try and get back to my regular weekend postings. This will be my 30th post in the 52 Ancestors challenge. I haven't managed to write weekly but I am striving to keep writing.

This week I am writing about my Great-great-great Grandfather, Benjamin Hebert.

Benjamin was born December 2, 1798 to Joseph Hebert and Theotiste Doucet in possibly Bathurst, Gloucester county, New Brunswick. He was baptized in West Bathurst at St. Famille parish on April 7, 1799 the same day as 4 other baptisms. His godparents were listed as Dominique Doucet and Isabelle Robisson. This could possibly be the brother and sister-in-law of Theotiste.

On November 3, 1817 when Benjamin was 19 years old he married Magdeline Duguay in West Bathurst at St. Famille parish. At the time of his marriage both his mother and father were deceased. Benjamin and Magdeline were married the same day as another couple Augustin Godin and Marguerite Robertson. It must have been a double wedding! They had 3 instead of the usual 2 witnesses and these witnesses are also the same people Augustin and Marguerite had, Pierre Degrace, Augustin Godin, and Tranquille Doucet.

Benjamin and Magdeline must have moved to Shippagan, Gloucester county, New Brunswick some time after they were married as this is where they had at least 6 children baptized (5 boys and 1 girl). Sometime between the birth of their last child in 1835 and 1840 Magdeline died and Benjamin married for a second time to Colette Duguay. I have not been able to find a record for Benjamin and Colette's marriage so I am left wondering if Colette and Magdeline were related or was Duguay just a common last name in the area. Benjamin and Colette has at least 4 children, all boys, the oldest was my great-great grandfather Dazi Hebert.

Benjamin was living in Shippagan with his wife Colette and his 3 youngest sons when the 1871 census of New Brunswick was taken. At this time Benjamin was listed as earning a living as a farmer.  I could probably assume that he was also a fisherman in his younger days as 6 of his sons who were living with him or near by were either fishermen or farmers and fishermen in 1871.

Benjamin died April 26, 1878 in Shippagan and was buried in the St. Jerome parish cemetery. The following people were listed in the parish registry as being in attendance: Ferdinand Hebert, Nicholas Chiasson, Jos. B. Dugue & al.

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